Download Best PDF Reader - Viewer App For Android
pdf reader app

Download Best PDF Reader – Viewer App For Android

PDF Reader App Has pdf file viewer features with a built in pdf maker, Read PDF

Download Best PDF Reader - Viewer App For Android


App Description

Download Best PDF Reader – Viewer App For Android

Sometimes you face a problem opening a PDF file. It is because your mobile phone needs an app to open that type of file. To open a PDF file you have to download the PDF reader app (Download Best PDF Reader – Viewer App For Android). This app allows you to read, view, search and manage your PDF documents on your mobile. 

Are you looking for the best PDF viewer app which is light weight, easy to use and quickly opens PDF documents? Then this app is perfect for you. You just download this app and enjoy its exciting features. 

This app will allow you to manage, view as well as create PDF documents. 

PDF reader app helps you to open PDF documents easily. At this time, almost every person needs to download this app whether he is a student, teacher or business owner. We are providing the best free app to open PDF files with all features you need.

How To Use

Open PDF Document

  • Just download the PDF viewer app from the play store and open it.
  • All of your documents will show in front of you.
  • Just click the file which you want to open.
  • Read PDF documents easily.

Convert Images To PDF

  • If you want to convert an image to PDF then click on “+” option.
  • Select the image.
  • Click on “Convert to PDF”
  • Your file will convert to PDF in just one click

App Features

Night & Day Modes

Here we provide you day & night modes which you can set according to your need. 

Share PDF Files

Share your PDF file directly from the PDF viewer app.

Bookmark The Files

You can bookmark your important file which will help you to search and open it easily by just clicking on “Starred”

Rename The Files

You can rename your PDF documents easily.

Light Weight Application

 The read PDF file app is a lightweight app. It is because its size is very small. So, you have no need to download other apps.

Print PDF Files

Here we provide a function of print. You can print your PDF file by clicking on “print”

Track Location

You can track the location of your PDF file in the internal storage of your mobile phone.

Delete Files

You can delete unwanted files in just one click by using the PDF reader app.

Easy To Use

A PDF reader is the best app to open PDF files as well as it is very easy to use. We are sure that you can easily use this app without facing any problems.

Convert Images To PDF

Convert your images into PDF in just one click through the PDF viewer app.

Attractive Designed PDF App

The PDF app has a very attractive and eye-catching design.

Document Arrangements

You can arrange your documents as you like. You can arrange your documents by name, size, and date of modification. Moreover, you can arrange your file in Ascending or descending order.

View PDF Document Horizontal Or Vertical

View PDF files in horizontal or vertical according to your need.

Jump To Page

You can jump to your required file by searching the number of your required page.


Hopefully, you will enjoy this amazing PDF reader and maker app. If you have a question or need help then you can contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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