ToolKit For Whatsapp - Toolbox
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ToolKit For Whatsapp – Toolbox

Whatsapp Toolbox Has All Tools For Whatsapp, Toolkit Contains All Whatsapp Tools

ToolKit For Whatsapp - Toolbox


App Discription

ToolKit For Whatsapp – Toolbox

The Whatsapp toolkit for Whatsapp is a valuable application. It belongs to the category of tools which are designed for mobile phones. This tool is especially designed for whatsapp. It provides the full range of features in just one app. After downloading this app you do not need to download apps for status saver, fake chats and much more. You have to just download our whatsapp toolbox for all of these interesting features. We are providing exciting features to you in only one app.

How To Use

  • Whatsapp Status Saver
  • Auto Reply On Whatsapp And Facebook Messenger
  • Fake Chat
  • Direct Message On Whatsapp
  • Walk & Chat
  • Whatsapp Cleaner
  • Text Repeater
  • Whatsapp Shortcut

App Features

Hare are some features of this app:

Whatsapp Status Saver

You can save statuses of your contacts like images and videos. You have no need to download whatsapp status saver apps separately. You can download whatsapp stories by just downloading this app.

Free Auto Reply on WhatsApp and FB Messenger

By downloading this app you can get the feature of auto reply on whatsapp as well as FB messenger. If you are offline or unavailable you can set an auto reply which will send to your contact number which you msg at that time.

Fake chat 

Through this app you can create fake chats with anyone. You can set user name, photo and status. Moreover you can control both sides’ conservation.

Direct Msg on WhatsApp

You can get useful utility to WhatsApp directly without saving unknown numbers through this app. Direct message supports mobile number entering and copy paste from call logs facility to enter mobile number.

Walk & Chat

By using this feature of this app you can simply enable the camera in the background while you are chatting on WhatsApp, so you can see through your chats towards what is outside. It is very easy to use and a nice utility for busy scheduled people.

WhatsApp Cleaner

By using this app you can remove or clean unwanted whatsapp in just one single click.

Text Repeater

By using this app you can send the same message multiple times. Moreover, by using this feature you can also make repeated letters using alphabet and emoji characters. 

Whatsapp shortcut

We Have Whatsapp Shortcut Button In Our App Which Opens Whatsapp Quickly.

Note: Toolkit For WhatsApp Toolbox – Whatskit  is not associated with official WhatsApp Inc.

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